We know the difference between LCL,FCL,Export Import, HS code

EXIM is difficult & complex for any Non-EXIM marketer to understand. Our Digital and Content marketers work in EXIM marketing Day in Day out!
Our EXIM Marketing experts know your Customer better as they handle complex EXIM marketing scenarios across multiple products and geographies.
We know which products are traded from or within your country or Nearby ports or major trade lanes for export-import.
Since docoholic provides Exim solutions, we have a better understanding of How Export and Import work.

Expand your Global Footprints

Digital marketing in Export-Import? Phew!!! It is difficult & complex for any traditional marketer to understand. Our Content Strategist knows EXIM terminology and our Digital marketers work in logistics and EXIM marketing Day in Day out!

“Using Docoholic platform our sales staff is able to focus more on Sales and less on giving constant updates and replying to emails.”

Social Media Marketing isn’t
that complicated!!

For EXIM Marketer it isn’t. Other Marketers complicates it. As Export- Import marketer we better understand the needs of your clients, hence we offer well defined social media marketing plans.

Enable Digital Marketing
to Acquire More

Digital Marketing is a blanket term for all your online marketing endeavours. Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, Social media, content marketing, email marketing and their website to engage with their current and prospective customers. Since Docoholic is providing Exim solutions, our team has a better understanding of your Buyer Persona.

No matter how you handle EXIM business today, docoholic can fit in with your existing tech stack and exemplify operational efficiency.

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